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The College
of Central Europe

International School

The College of Central Europe is an independent co-educational daily school. The school offers a variety of enriched academic, athletic and leadership programs in a caring community, preparing students not only for university, but for life. COCEEU is a special place where students develop the social conscience, confidence, knowledge and skills to shape the future.

The educational model at The College of Central Europe proposes a shift in the conventional education system, challenging students to look beyond the boundaries of their own field of study to create a solid and multidisciplinary training.

Our school is of academic and formative excellence, we educate through demanding and responsible academic work, people able to live together in solidarity, seek the truth and commit to it, through a personalized comprehensive training and values, for building a fairer world.

We are one of the best educational options in Central Europe. We offer comprehensive, high-quality, world-class training.