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International Foundation Year

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Welcome to the application process!

Foundation Year 2021 - 2022 Foundation Year 2021 - 2022


Having the strong purpose of offering a formation that transforms lives, in COCEEU we are looking for a new generation of students: talented, enterprising, innovative, enthusiastic people, committed to the development of their environment and to the well-being of society as well as their own human development.

Here at The College of Central Europe we welcome applications all year round. Whilst we are broadly selective in our approach we aim to interview all applicants, either in person or by ZOOM, and seek evidence of previous studies.

Application Process

1. Apply Online

Apply Online to your desired International Foundation Year. ( Fill out your admission application)


Register the information requested, including the attachments.

  • Scan of the identification page in passport (page with photo and information about validity)
  • Scan of education documents (in case the applicant is in their last year of high school, a confirmation of school attendance with a date of the last exam)
  • CV in format .pdf or .jpg – we accept CV in form of Europass, it needs to be hand-signed

*Applicant younger than 18 years:

  • Scan of tutor’s passport (Tutor – person older than 18, who takes up responsibility for the applicant, up until applicant’s 18th birthday)

2. Receive Your Admission Decision

Once we received your application form and request documents our Admissions Office will contact you with the decision of the admission.

3.Cover Application Fees

If you were admitted you are allowed to pay your Application Fee (€600,00) six hundred fifty euros. (Application Fee is part of the total Tuition Fee)

*In case your visa is not granted, we refund you the Application Fee

4. Buy your Medical Insurance for Foreigners

In order to enroll at COCEEU, most students need a Slovak insurance policy with the exception of those from countries with agreements on social and health insurance. There are several insurance agencies which you can contract directly. (Cost per year €240,00)

5. Receive your Admission Letter

Once you received your Admission Letter you are able to apply for a National Visa at the Embassy or Consulate of the Slovak Republic.

6. Receive your Visa

Once you received your VISA you are able to book your flight ticket to Slovakia (you can use Vienna Airport, Prague Airport or Budapest Airport). Inform us about your arrival to Slovakia.

7. Cover Tuition Fee

Tuition Fees for International Foundation Year (35 hours a week)

  • First payment: € 600 (before VISA application)
  • Second payment: €2950 (before 31 August 2021)

Tuition Fees for Slovak Academic course (25 hours a week)

  • First payment: € 600 (before VISA application)
  • Second payment: €2400 (before 31 August 2021)

*If you do not pay your tuition fees by 31 August 2021, we are forced to notify to Slovak Foreign Policy about on non-payment, after that your VISA will be immediately cancelled.

    Who is this course for?

    If you want to study for an undergraduate / graduate degree in Slovakia but don’t meet the academic grades or Slovak / English language requirements, or would like a more gentle and supportive start to your time in a new country, you can study the International Foundation Year first.

    When you complete your foundation year you can apply to public universities in Slovakia. Each university and faculty has their own entry criteria for each course and you will receive support throughout the application process.

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