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The International Foundation Year at The College of Central Europe  is a one-year preparatory program comprising Slovak and English language training, and foundation pathway courses, designed specifically to provide international students with a direct path to undergraduate / graduate degree studies at public universities in Slovakia.

Foundation Year 2021 - 2022 Foundation Year 2021 - 2022

Why a foundation year?

The International Foundation Year offers an entry to your desired Bachelor / Master degree program, when you have a secondary school degree / university degree which qualifies you to study in your home country, but which is not recognized as a higher education entrance qualification in Slovakia. In this case you need to attend a one-year preparatory program to match the length and contents of your education to what is needed to successfully start your Bachelor / Master study program at public universities in Slovakia.

The International Foundation Year links your school education with our undergraduate / graduate programs and helps you to adjust from the education system in your home country to the academic culture and programs in Slovakia. Thanks to this course your chances of passing the entrance exams at your chosen university in Slovakia will greatly increase.

Benefits of studying in

Admission requirements for international students are the same as for the Slovak national.

Study in Europe

International experience has become more and more important in recent years. By studying in Europe, you set the course for your career success. That means if you decide to study in Europe, the chances are good that you will get a job offer and can stay for the longer term.

World-class education

Many of the world’s best universities are located in Europe, including Slovakia. Cross-border cooperation’s within Europe have shaped a strong international academic community that conducts cutting-edge research.

No tuition fees

Studying at public universities in Slovakia is free of charge!  According to Slovak laws and regulations foreign students (from any country in the world) are entitled to study at Slovak universities under the same conditions as Slovak citizens.

Study and work

International students from outside the European Union studying in Slovakia full-time can work during their studies for up to 20 hours a week – and after finishing their studies at a Slovak university, they can work in Slovakia without any special work permit.

Travel and discover Europe

When you study in Slovakia, you should use the chance to visit more countries than just one. Thanks to a wealth of cheap flight, train and bus connections, and relatively short travel times, that is even possible on a limited student budget and with tight semester schedules.

European Higher Education

As member of the Bologna process of reforms, the national higher education system of Slovakia and all European countries have been aligned. That means that any Bachelor or Master in Europe follows the same general academic framework.

Quick facts Quick facts


Population: 5,464,252 (2020)
Capital: Bratislava
Geographical size: 49,035 km2
GDP: €105 billion (2020)
Official EU language(s): Slovak
Currency: Euro

Pathway Programs

Find the right path for you at COCEEU International Study Centre with pathway programs available at Undergraduate and Postgraduate level leading to University entry in Slovakia.

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Business & Economics

This foundation prepares you for business and economics-related degrees at a range of universities in Slovakia.

(35 hrs a week)

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Engineering & Computing

This foundation prepares you for science, engineering and computing-related degrees at a range of universities in Slovakia.

(35 hrs a week)

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Medicine & Health Sciences

This foundation prepares you for medicine and health sciences-related degrees at a range of universities in Slovakia.

(35 hrs a week)

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Arts & Humanities

This foundation prepares you for arts and humanities-related degrees at a range of universities in Slovakia.

(35 hrs a week)

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Academic Slovak

The course will help you improve your Slovak language skills to the required level to succeed in your higher education.

(25 hrs a week)

Who is this course for?

If you want to study for an undergraduate / graduate degree in Slovakia but don’t meet the academic grades or Slovak / English language requirements, or would like a more gentle and supportive start to your time in a new country, you can study the International Foundation Year first.

When you complete your foundation year you can apply to public universities in Slovakia. Each university and faculty has their own entry criteria for each course and you will receive support throughout the application process.

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